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Terry Stokes
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
Demagogue of depravity, conduit of corruption, prophet of Slaanesh... Dare you listen to our wanton words? *giggles and gibbers*

I am an online infamously depraved deranged, physiologically tormented talented amateur author of erotic filth, satire, silliness and sleaze, with a gratuitously descriptive, excessively erudite and overly complex paragraph writing style, and seemingly personality traits androgyne ability to write from both gender points of view. I specialise in heavily smoking fetishism, gravity defyingly glorious massive boobs, beautifully nasty tattoos, kinky clinky piercings, sky high heels, long lacquered glossy claws, constrained chained waspish waists, and strutting outrageously nude and lewd and or in slinky skimpy outfits, all for gorgeously perverted plotting women to passionately pounce on cute, unwary prey, rip their clothes off and f**k them ecstatically senseless...

I live near Birmingham in the UK, and am overly probably genius IQ educated with many GCSE's, 5.5 A levels in Physics, Chemistry, Geology, English Literature, General Studies and Critical Thinking, half a thwarted degree in Metallurgy and materials science, and various Open University home studied environmental, renewable energy technology and mixed sciences courses.

Unfortunately I also have exceptionally fearsome Irritable Bowel Syndrome, combined with near constant practically tentacular gastroenteritis, a hiatus hernia, sizzling acid reflux, malfunctioning trigger happy digestive immune system, and a ridiculously one in a million rare metabolic/sleep disorder called Kleine-Levin Syndrome, which amongst many increasingly confusing, unstable body wide biochemical side effects also causes fluctuating testosterone fueled hypersexuality, a seeming lack past "cute and twinkly mischievous looking," described teenage aging and unsurprising erosion of emotional perception of reality.

The effect of all that roof rattling, ecto containment unleashment at once on my stories, whenever I actually manage to write something is also increasingly obvious, the result of my body pulling fighting with itself with excessive metabolic hunger, erratic sleep, ghastly stomach pain and inexplicably insistent boners in different directions all at the same time, driving me daily to distraction, skulking sick in bed, often horny writhing near delirious for hours, but somehow surprisingly still sane. As a bonus, the first medically known victim of the genetic disease, a napoleonic frenchman helpfully mentioned by Stephen Fry on QI, went unstable brain chemicals batshit crazy and hungrily devoured human corpses. *burps*

Oh, and all I really, really want is a filthy gorgeous bad girl of my very own to play with dammit! *tries to look cute and pounceable* One also has an unmistakably romantic magnetic attraction to "silly," dating doubled over in the street with laughter, like hugging trees, similarly confusing unworthy lamp posts, front door keys on string and wrist watch replacing, placed on sixth form school desk wind up alarm clocks.

I also lurk on Youtube,… stalk many avatar extreme Second Life minions on Flickr,… has a ludicrously massive journal list of increasingly insane filthy filled ideas down below, and here are my most dubious choices in accompanying slaaneshi theme music!…… I know you want to listen, til all your thoughts insidiously turn to my more filthy fetishy corruptive way of thinking ...

Current Residence: My illustrious lair
Favourite genre of music: random pop music and Vice City 80's metal
Favourite style of art: Pendulously pierced and overly buxom
Shell of choice: ammonoid
Skin of choice: warm, soft and yielding, whilst coming in a surprising array of colours
Favourite cartoon character: YT Dogsnack that eats farts, then weird things happen.
Personal Quote: *various maniacal mutterings* And confusing canine greetings of coathangerous bitings of joy!

As a self proclaimed demagogue of depravity and prophet of Slaanesh, I currently have dreams of distributing mind melting slaaneshi symboled hermaphrodite Lolo raver earrings, never mind tarty tottering trashy hooker gremlins with industrial silicone stuffed spherical boobs, all to corrupt and sexually transform the chaste and innocent masses in the name of our most beneficent goddess. *listens to the swirly music*

I've mostly also been full of ideas regarding a mix of the downloadable legendarily pervy rpg text adventure game "Corruption of Champions," too, especially inspired by that tricksy wantonly exhibitionistic demon Ceraph and her kinky magical piercings, Vala the brainwashed fairy painslut, Boobgantuan the possessant demon of most pendulous excess, guzzling bimbo liqueur, living latex skin, unnatural wasp waists and pendulously pierced triple Z boobs, my own entire Slaaneshi demented daemon world, perverted platinum blonde bimbo milfy hairdressers in skimpy latex minidresses, poison breathing elysium floaty helium titted venusian whores, and the myriad works of an obviously insane japanese rule34/pixiv artist called Hozumi Touzi/Touji. Go take a look if you dare!…

Here is a ludicrously long list of the story ideas currently may or may not be whizzing about in my brain, more ever incoming. If anyone has some new ones to suggest, or feels I've somehow managed to forget some previously discussed depraved filth, please don't hesitate to inspiringly tell me.

Real Women Smoke-milfy pink latexed up platinum blonde hairdresser slut, and maybe her raven haired teeny daughter raised just right!
Prowling black beach bimbo twins-lots of purple, green warpaint, glossy claws and enormous cigars, possibly transexual ideas too
Evil brainwashing japanese fetish sex club-Minka's massive rack and JugganautBitch? And maybe some totally transparent latex for when she's sold to an anonymous western buyer...
Caged-with "Michelle_extreme," for teen gigolo sex slave training, turns out she's the buyer...
Auntie Michelle-you get the idea
Writhing Skanky Dancy Spreading Vice Squad-based on a weird dream about big hair rocking out with babe backing for charity, a whole troupe of rubbered up chainsmoking police strippers!
Loads still for my previous fucked up Lolo Ferrari prezzie by sandy, sooo many ideas!
Size Queen-Sandy/Overlordofnobodies Bimbo's Fate cuties as hermaphrodite transexual teenie fuckdolls
Bombshelle-brainwashing minions, turning people into beautiful sluts, getting roughed up in jail...
CoC-Ceraph getting her claws on me and turning me into a pink latex skinned, strutting hermaphrodite bimbo Lolo Ferrari
Hozumi Touzi-Same sort of thing, only far, far more fucked up! (Lots of chapter ideas for that one)
Slave to the Ashtray Club, servicing their needs
Wanton wishes-Desiree/Paimon and her awesome nipple rings to armlet chains
You Bet Your Brain-my own female criminal rehabilitation service/pervy gameshow version
Electra-Shannon Tweed embraces evil
Finish adding more to Slutty Auntie Chastity, O'Pearl?
Add more to Romantic Seduction
Add more to Candi, an angel fallen
Add new chapter/versions to Encouraged to be Slutty
Smoky Schooldaze-Teenage upinsmoke officer Alexis in school
Miss Zee-naughty teacher,
Slut Bowl-Team of Blood Bowl daemonic transformed slaaneshi whores, butt naked with trashy tails, claws, helium tits, gold body jewelry, tats and 20 inch heeled roller skate kinky boots
Delightful Defiler in space, Jessica Clones, strutting cat toys buying prologue, and inspired by Orson Welles' Unicron!
Harlot Hostel-Ayla UED
Slaved and caged-Lana Cox looking all slavic sexy, cigar chomping, blue wigged and growly
Schoolgirl Stripper, tarty transformation-sandybelldf
Caleyesque-because Lorddragonmaster is a meanypants
Slutty Summer Camp-inspired by a Mcstories one called "training"
Kayla Kleevage kidnapped and slut brainwashed-inspired by her resemblance to that blonde southern chick on CSI Miami...
Bowser's Royal ashtray bitches-Xshikigami
Toilet Warp Pipe-Princess Daisy, her tarty claws and a rather anally suggestive bullet bill, Sandybelldf
Snow Yellow-very undisneylike bedtime lurking hermaphrodite princess, sandybelldf
lustfully haunting Terry Ghost- maybe based on Rio, was owned by DrBaghead
Librarians Punished-master pc meme
Masumi Max, caged and slaved
Bought by a Bitch(corrupted by Masumi)Nina and Diana, Russian rich bitch and daughter
The "Fantasy Dimension Slut Shop"-hidden desires granted, permanently... Muahahahahaa!
Cult of Corruption-future initiation rites for minions, suggested by many...
My tits are sooo hungry!-soul eating boobs, Eliza Fire and her pendulous dragon tattooed orbs
Joining the family business- stripclub stepfather
Calafornication-nasty cigar bikini beach bitch blonde, Tara Delioncourt?
Ricki's Baited Boobs-milfy tattooed up Ricki Raxx, nephew stalking
Tart with a heart-flanker25's yummy cigar stripper auntie
Heels Make The Harlot-UED Guy's sluttification sequence
Vile Victoria, corruption spread-UED's evil super stripper
Mirrored transformation-Ued's indigo/purple good/evil pics of Victoria
Witch Bitch, dark elven elder scrolls goddess of ash, Ued's/mine Victoria pic
Fists of Fury, curves of sin-Tifa cosplay for Tifa-bells
Lean, green, fuck machine-Witchie boo cosplay, Tifa bells
Britteni Bank-clawsome chainsmoking teeny tramp
My, what a big "banana!"-demienvancope's evil, singing hearthrob, Slishy, Expandshadowz
Slishy goes for walkies
Envenomous Angel-Lohrack, Biohazardous nurse
Hot as Ice- fur coat, cigars, gratuitous nudity, Lana Cox again?
Satanic Nuns-Lovis-8
Daddy's Little Angel-teenage succubus, Steevdragon
The Master is Pleased-succubus, Steevdragon
Meat Street-Sweetmouth
Smokin' Hyppnotherapy, false credentials-Tanya, internet milf
Forced Seduction, tied together-Bee Bryant, RocketDave
Fiery Eye in the Sky Denied-lurking at the beach, periscope, Tekweapons
Job Retraining-sleazy barmaid, Lipstick Girl, SouthernCharms
Road Trip to Heaven-Charlie Laine, youtube, altasmoking
Boob Dreams-teenage cutie
Kissing cousins-SmokingHeaven Danielle Victoria, raven haired cutie in a corset
Fetish party Extravaganza-Corseta, internet model, and a pink rubber inflatable armchair? Looked comfy...
Elysium-The race of massive helium titted, 20 inch heeled, "poison," breathing alien, genetically transforming sluts I thought up from UED-Guy's scrap babe 444 for modding Masters of Orion 3
Auntie Peaches is Hookerlicious-Peaches, upinsmoke slut
Sex Goddess Virus, twisted physiology-almost ethereally strutting O'Pearl, and her incredibly hot myriad multiple piercings generally
Milfy Transformation punishment incestuous improvement-Donita Dunes
Slut Transformer, massive titted redhead bimbo Ayla melons, UEDGuy
Satanic Stepmom-flanker25/Glamour art studio
A sissy slut daughter to be proud of-wonderwoman punked, Flanker25/Glamour Art Studio and Kaokatt
Sexy Student-Jade, colight
Smokin' Photography-gullible/horny DA models
BITCH-Victoria Brown,smokingdomination/smokeymouths
Demagogue Silenced, opinions reversed-evil nurse Megan/Selena, Colight/Smokingflicks
Just Megan generally! And those evil smoky crimson slut claws...
Sextoy Sorority
Voodoo-JugganautBitch, takes little unwary sex slaves down to her evil basement and chains them up
El Presidente-Tropico, fetish pervert island paradise, hidden lair of...
Evil Genius-sexy bodyguards, freakish experiments, smoky "deathtraps"
Lord Terror-Dungeon Keeper I and II, red hot poker fairy, bitey mantraps
Ember-sandybelldf, sextoy stripper ghost
Flaming Tits of Doom-sandybelldf
Donna Depraved-super pervert club, sandybelldf
Evil Relic-vampiric, evil bitch soul corruption
Vampire Nurses at the bloodbank
100 a day, keeps the asthma at bay-evil Cigars II at Smokingflicks Noemie, Colight nurse Megan, Capnolagnia smoking fetish hospital
A Friend like Candi-encouragement and corruption Knight-Bishop
Watch me work it, I'm perfect!-smoky gym, Dahlia from smokingsweeties, Neinneinein's cute girl in green
More Smoky Airways
Witchie Boo-Quidditch practice(riding things) Sublime slime(and writhing tentacles), and rewriting/improving all the rest
Shoe Shop Sluts
Bad Babesitter-Upinsmoke chainsmoking trashy redhead Kath, all fucked up strutting by mommy and waiting naked in a bathtowel ready to pounce
Calamity Jane-Crash Canyon, redneck redhead teen babe based on UED-Guy's trashy Sis girl
Ever kissed an Ashtray?-nicotine filled makeup, muahahahahaaa!
School of evil satanic slut nuns
Elvish Reality-cigar club
The "kittenslayer."
The Box of Lurking
Paws of Fury, Gravity Defied


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